Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week One, Day Seven

This is the final day of the week and thankfully its a rest day. Kind of sore from the past week. Hopefully keeping this up for the next 12 weeks will increase my strength and gains exponentially. The hardest part right now is even hitting the gym, its hitting the food. Speaking of food this is how my nutrition went today:

Calories: 3694
Fat: 110.9g
Carbs: 410.7g
Protein: 282.9g

This is pretty much getting to where I want it on a daily basis. I already think Ive put on a couple pounds this week. Ill update my weight tomorrow when i weigh myself in the morning.

Tomorrow is Legs again. Not a huge fan of working the legs as I get horrible DOMS for a few days after, but if I keep working them it will go away.


  1. I agree with legs day and DOMS. Sucks trying to take a dump after a heavy legs session.

  2. i get pretty bad DOMS in my hamstrings but it doesnt really bother me haaha

    your friend,

  3. lol...Chris and his post-legs dumps.

    Bro can you update me on your starting weight, current weight, average diet (if different from what you have listed for this day), and how long you've been at it?

  4. Edit: sorry I'm an idiot...week 1 day seven lol.

  5. Yah Doollas, its the first week for me. Hopefully I can post some decent stats by time the 12 weeks is up. be sure to check back.